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Last updated 01-22-2018

Welcome to our home page. Cobblestone Village is a townhouse complex in Westminster, Colorado. Please use the links on the left to get additional information or to contact us.

As of today, we are working towards transfering the entire content of our website to LCM. It is unknown how or when this will effect our website. Please contact the board and property manager using the using the email on the right for updates. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Urgent: Do you like the information that you can find on our website? If so, please send an email to the Cobblestone Board and our Property Manager to let them know that you like what you see and can find. (More information may follow)..

Would you like to join a social network just for Cobblestone Village? See the information and links at Cobblestone Village News - Nextdoor Social Network for more details.

Cobblestone Village Committees: We are looking for volunteers for committees here at Cobblestone Village. We currently have two committees: parking and ARC. If you are interested in either, please let LCM or a board member know. Please use the link on the right. Thanks!

This web site has lots of information about the Cobblestone Village Homeowners' Association as well as the Cobblestone Village complex itself. The official documentation, contact information, board information as well as a current events calendar and history is available on the many pages of this web site. If you don't find something that you are looking for, please click on the link at the bottom to send an email to the webmaster and I will research it. Also, if you would like to see something added to our web site, please send me an email.

The Board Meeting Notes page has links to the pages that link to the Board Meeting Minutes and Financials for each month.

Are you new to the Cobblestone Village community? If so, please click on the New To Cobblestone Village page. There you will find some additional information, including contact & ACH forms for LCM Property Management. Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information.

Partner Web Site - Currently, Nextdoor Cobblestone Village (see Cobblestone Village News - Nextdoor Social Network for more information) is a partner with this one for Cobblestone Village.

Changes - This web page is designed as a 'work in progress.' The Calendar and Meerting Minutes pages will normally be updated shortly after the monthly board meetings. These changes should be completed by the Friday following the meeting. Please check for updates then. Other pages will be updated as necessary.

If you would like to see something specific on this web site, please send me an email by clicking here Email Webmaster (or send an email to: webmaster@cobblestonevillagehoa.org)