2012 Annual Meeting

Last updated 08-11-2012

Our Annual Meeting was held at 10 AM this morning. We had enough owners and proxies to meet the quorum for our meeting. Mike Walker was re-elected and Marcos Gonzalez will be finishing Suzanne Wilson's term.
We covered the officer's reports, with some discussion on the idea of a loan verses a special assessment in the treasurer's report. More information concerning this will be posted when it is available. We had so me discussion concerning the upcoming Community Garage Sale and the possibility of a "block party". If you are interested in either of these, please contact either the board or Beth at CMS.
We then completed the election of board members. The officers will be selected at the next meeting and will be posted on the board page shortly afterwards.
The whole meeting lasted about an hour, with some discussion afterwards.

A side note - I got the impression from both the meeting as well as discussions with the homeowners over the past couple of days that many people are interested in getting to know their neighbors and others in Cobblestone Village better. Please let me know if there is any interest in following up on this idea by sending me an email at the webmaster link below.