Cobblestone Village - 2012 Funding Ballot

Last updated 06-02-2013

Loan Update - 06-02-2013 After much discussion, your board has decided to "table" any furthur action concerning the proposed loan at this time. Beth was not able to find another bank that was interested in loaning us the money at this time. We may address this again at some time later and if we do, we will let the homeowners know. No additional increase of the monthly dues will happen this year without a vote of the owners.

04-22-2013 The bank wants us to raise the monthly dues by at least $20 and possibly up to $26. Any raise in dues must be approved by the owners. Several homeowners suggested - and the Board agreed - that Beth look into other banks. We are planning on another meeting later after we have more information. Meeting notices will be on our web site as well as by the mailboxes.
04-02-2013. At our April Board Meeting, we will have an update on the loan process. We will have what the bank is requesting that we do in order to submit the loan. This meeting will be at the Greenbriar Clubhouse on 04-22-2013 at 6 PM. Everyone is requested to attend.
03-30-2013. We are still waiting on additional information from the underwriters of the bank.
03-11-2013. The underwriters at the bank have placed some additional conditions on Cobblestone Village getting the loan. One of the major conditions is that we either raise the dues or have a special assessment. However, at this time we don't know how much they would be willing to accept and if we can work it out by changing our budget. The board has decided that we will be willing put a possible raise to the homeowners, after we work out the details. However, any change in the dues or a special assessment will be approved by the homeowners. We are planning on having an informational meeting later when we have more information.
03-06-2013 - At our next board meeting, we will be discussing the next step in the process. I will update this page after the meeting. No additional information is available at this time. I will post updates as they become available.
01-28-2013 - Due to problems in the underwriting process, we will most likely NOT be able to get the full amount of the loan as discussed in our meetings. Therefore, we are not able to determine which projects we will be able to complete until we know more. No additional information is available at this time.
11-29-2012 Vote Update: The loan (line of credit) has been approved! A sufficient percentage of the people voting voted yes. All homeowners will be receiving a letter from Beth, our manager, with four things in it: A letter from your president
The 2013 Budget
The dues coupons for 2013
Communications Survey - printer friendly version
(Communications Survey - Web Version)
All except the dues coupons may be seen at the links above. If you have not yet completed a communications survey, please complete it soon. 11-17-2012 I added an email from Lisa, our treasurer, answering some questions concerning the loan.
11-08-2012 I received my ballot in the mail today - in a pink envelope. Please watch for it.
11-05-2012 As we didn't have enough ballots to pass or deny the request for a loan, we will be having another vote. The new ballots and information will be in the mail today or tomorrow, including voting information. I posted meeting notices at both mailboxes this evening. We will be having our next board meeting at the Greenbriar Clubhouse on 11-26-2012 at 6 PM. Below are links to all documents, including a letter from your board president.
As we appear to have an issue with getting information to our homeowners by US Mail, please complete this Communications Survey to help us better communicate with the homeowners.
(Communications Survey - printer friendly version)
10-23-2012 The meeting was held as planned last night. We are waiting on furthur information from our lawyer, and I will post it here when I have more.
One thing that did come out of the meeting was not everyone knew about the meeting.
As a result, the board is looking into other ways of communicating with the homeowners. I will be adding a survey here (see above) shortly. Please check back to complete it. Thanks - your board.

Due to the interest and concern over this issue, we have been able to move the next board meeting (just this time) to the Clubhouse at the Village of Greenbriar (Greenbriar Apartments, just north of Cobblestone). See the flyer for more information. The meeting will be held at 6 PM on Monday, November 26th. You can turn in your ballot at the meeting.
This flyer has been posted at the mailbox kiosks as well.

The Cobblestone Village Board of Directors has sent a very important ballot to all homeowners. All homeowners will receive shortly or have already received their ballot by mail. Please read the letter concerning what is being proposed and what the ballot is about. If you have any questions, please contact Beth at CMS or a board member. Then read the ballot, make your selection, and return your ballot.

As stated in the letter, you have three options in returning the ballot:
US Mail - in the envelope enclosed with the ballot
Scanned ballot attached to an email (
Put it in the Board Drop Box at either mail box kiosks.
(Note: I plan on checking the Board Drop Boxes about 5 PM on 11-26)
You can also return your ballot by fax at 720-377-0111.
Your completed ballot must be returned to CMS on or before Monday, November 26, 2012. My suggestion would be to return your ballot as soon as possible.

Links to electronic copies of the ballot and attached letter follow:
2012 Ballot Letter
2012 November Ballot
Additional Information & meeting flyer
Editorial from your Board President
11-17-12 More information from your Board Treasurer

If I receive any additional information, it will be posted here,
The results will also be posted here after they ballots are counted.