Assessment History

In the years since Cobblestone Village was built, the monthly homeowners' assessments have gone up almost every year. While some of these changes have been minor and others have not been. As these assessments are our community's only source of income to pay for the many expenses of our community, the changes are based on the expected expenses for the next year as well as for building the reserves to pay for the long term maintenance of our community. The change usually starts in January with the beginning of our fiscal year. To date, we have had no special assessments.
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Cobblestone Village Assessment History 1984 to 1994
Cobblestone Village Assessment History 1995 to 2004
Cobblestone Village Assessment History 2005 to 2014
Cobblestone Village Assessment History 2015 to 2024

Currently, the information before 2006 is incomplete. If you have information concerning that time or any of the unknown entries, please send me an email at or click on: Email Cobblestone webmaster.