Annual Documents

Last updated 01-22-2018

This page has links to the Cobblestone Village Annual Meeting Minutes and Annual Budgets. If you click on an entry that is underlined, that document will load.
Our Annual Meeting is normally held on a Saturday morning during the last half of August in the area just east of our pool.
Board members are elected during the annual meeting and the officers are selected by the board members during the next monthly Board Meeting. After this meeting, the newly selected officers' names and positions are posted on the Board page.
The annual budget is usually prepared in November of the year for the following year. After the budget has been finalized, it will be added below.

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held on August 26th at 10:00 AM and you can see the information concerning the upcoming meeting at 2017 Annual Meeting page.

The table below has the information for the previous Annual Meetings, such as minutes, budget and web page. Click on the links in the table to open the documents or go to the web page. The web page for each Annual Meeting has links for the meeting notices and proxies as well as other documents that might have been sent out..

Note: You will need to have a PDF reader to open the document files. Please see the link that follows to download the Adobe PDF Reader: Adobe Reader

Cobblestone Village Annual Documents
Year Minutes Budget Web Page
2006 Minutes
2007 Minutes
2008 Minutes Budget
2009 Minutes Budget
2010 Minutes Budget
2011 Budget 2011 Web Page
2012 Budget 2012 Web Page
2013 Minutes (draft) Budget 2013 Web Page
2014 Minutes Budget 2014 Web Page
2015 Minutes (draft) Budget (from_financials) 2015 Web Page
2016 Minutes Budget (from_financials) 2016 Web Page
2017 2017 Web Page