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Last updated 01-29-2016

Architectual Review Committee Submission Forms are required when a homeowner desires some change to the outside of their home. Typical requests are for window or door replacements, adding a satellite dish or air conditioner. Any external changes must be approved by the ARC before making the desired changes. Some changes have standard conditions - these will be added to the form if appropriate.
(To see the standard conditions - if any - change the desired change)
Some changes also require a building permit from the City of Westminster.

Please use the form below to complete and submit a ARC Submission Form. Please enter your name, contact information and the reason for the request. When completed, click on the Submit Button to send the form or click on Clear Form Button to clear the form. Clicking on Submit will send the request to our management company.
The ARC will reply with additional questions, conditions, or approval.
(By clicking on Submit, you are agreeing to the terms of the form and submission)
Note: By including your email address, you will receive a copy of the email.
If you would prefer, click on the ARC Form and print it. Then complete it and send it in using the directions at the bottom or leave it in the board box by the mail box

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