Being a Board Member

Last updated 01-22-2018

The Board of Directors here at Cobblestone Village HOA is made up of 5 individuals, each an owner of one of the 209 townhomes that make up Cobblestone Village. For those of you interested in becoming a board member, please remember that being a board member has responsibilities and restrictions. This handout from "Community Associations Institute" ( defines this very well: Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities.

The board of a home owners association is similar to the board of directors of a corporation. While the board is made up of 5 individuals, the board must act as one concerning the decisions that it makes. Except for emergencies, all decisions from the board should be made by the entire board, usually in the monthly board meeting, or sometimes by email. Board members who make decisions on their own (without the whole board's approval) can cause problems for the association in the future. Please help our board members by addressing any concerns to the board by contacting our management company or by sending an email to the board from our web site instead of requesting a decision by a single board member.

Being a board member can be an interesting way to learn about and participate in the management of our community. However, it does require some commitments. First, each board member is elected for a three year term. At a minimum, this means attending the monthly board meeting for 2 or more hours and spending some time before the meeting to read and study the board packet before hand. Occasionally, there are extra meetings for special purposes. In addition to the meetings, the board communicates frequently by email. The board must work together as a group to run the business known as Cobblestone Village HOA. Sometimes there will be disagreements, but all in all, the board must work together. Once a decision is made, the decision must be supported by all board members.

One of the tougher things that new board members must learn concerns the idea that all decisions must be made with the best interests of the community as a whole in mind. This can put the owner's interests in conflict with their responsibilities as a board member. The board member must learn to separate their two roles as a community member and as a board member from each other.

The 12 monthly meetings are usually held at the same location and time each month. Frequently these meetings are at the office of the management company, the local library or some other convenient location. Please see the Events Calendar for details including dates and times. See our Contact Us page for the management company address and phone number.

Each year, one or two board members' terms are up. They have the option of running again if they desire. If a board member resigns during his or her term, the remaining board members can and usually appoint someone to fill the remainder of the term.

Other than the commitment to serve, the only requirements to be a board member is to be listed on the title of their townhouse and to be in good standing with the association.

If you have any questions, please ask one of the current board members.