Board History - Sept 2004 to Aug 2006

September 2004 to August 2005
President          - Lisa Mittan
Vice President   - Mike Walker
Secretary          - Jan Bennett
Treasurer           - Jo Anne Majeors
Member             - Lorrine Montoya
(Notes: Feb/Mar 2005 Jo Anne resigned from the board. In April 2005 Glenda Jolley was chosen to complete Jo Anne's term (until Aug '05)
At the end of Jun 2005, Lisa Mittan resigned from the board. The board decided to wait until the annual meeting to replace her.)

September 2005 to August 2006
President          - Mike Walker
Vice President   - Glenda Jolley
Secretary          - Judy Lehmann
Treasurer           - Jan Bennett
Member             - Lorrine Montoya
(Note: Sept 2005 Lorrine resigned from the board. Oct 2005 Carol Bernardin was chosen to complete her term (until Aug '07).)

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