Board Information

Last updated 01-24-2018

Cobblestone Village has a Board of Directors consisting of five of the homeowners. This board functions as the governing body of the Homeowners' Association and our management company manages the day to day operations at the direction of the board. This is much like any other non-profit corporation.
Please see the Events Calendar Page for meeting details including location as well as dates and times. Any changes will be posted there as soon as known.
There is a link under Contact Us to send the board an email. (Also on the right side)

The current board members and their offices are listed below. The Term Begins & Term Ends refers to their term as an elected member of the board.
The board selects its officers at the first Board Meeting following an Annual Meeting. After this meeting, the changes are posted here.
If a board member leaves the board for any reason, the board usually selects that person's replacement.

As always, please check on the Events Calendar page for the latest dates and times.

Current Board of Directors
Officer Name Term Began Term Ends
President Danny Recovo Aug '16 Aug '19
Vice President Jason Sawkins Aug '17 Aug '20
Secretary Lauren Vlaanderen Aug '17 Aug '20
Treasurer Brandy Hall Jul '17 Aug '19
Mike Walker Aug '15 Aug '18

Note: 01-23-2018 Jason Sawkins resigned from the board. The board will discuss how to replace him.

To see who was on the board in the past, click on: Board History

If you are interested in being on the board, please click on Being a Board Member for more information. Please send the board an email to let us know.