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Last updated 01-07-2018

Please use information on this page to contact our management company, the board or both:

The address and phone contact information for our management company is:
LCM Property Management, Inc.
1776 S. Jackson St. Suite 300
Denver, CO 80210
303-221-1117    Fax 303-962-9381
After-Hours Emergencies: 303-221-1117 Option 2
Marilyn Ruybal, Property Manager, Ext. 105, e-mail: Marilyn

LCM has sent out a Welcome Letter to all homeowners. You can see the ones that are not address specific here:

To use the Cobblestone Village area on the LCM website for the first time:
Click on "Sign In" in the upper right corner
Click on "Sign Up Today" to create a new user
complete the form and agree to the Terms of Service
This will take you to your area on the LCM website

You will need your account number to access your financial information
You can mail your monthly dues payments to the address below. If you would prefer to pay online, go to FAQ - Pay Online (or see below)
Payee: Cobblestone Village Homeowners Association
Mailing address: c/o LCM Property Management
PO Box 5568
Denver CO 80217-5568

To pay online, go to the LCM Payment Page. When registering, you must add leading 0's to your account number (found on your statement) so your account number will total 8 digits (e.g. 00099999).

If you would like to send an email to a specific board member, please use the following links:
Email Cobblestone Board President
Email Cobblestone Board Vice President
Email Cobblestone Board Secretary
Email Cobblestone Board Treasurer
Email Cobblestone Board At-Large Member

Please use one of the forms below send information to our management company and our board. If you need to report a problem or request a some maintenance action - like repairing a streetlamp, please click on the maintenance request form. If you would like to make a comment, suggestion or a complaint, please click on the Comment-Suggestion-Complaint form.

When a homeowner desires to make a change to their home, such as a new door or windows or add a satellite dish, that homeowner needs to complete and submit a Architectural Review Committee Submission Form to the ARC and the HOA via CMS to make that request before making any changes. If you would prefer, you may complete and submit the Online ARC Form. (This online form also has the standard conditions for each type of request.)

Are you new to the Cobblestone Village community? If so, please click on the New To Cobblestone Village page.

Note: If you are unable to send an email using the links on the right, you can use the following email addresses:
Cobblestone Village Board only:
Cobblestone Village Board and Property Manager:
Web Site issues, comments, suggestions or problems:
Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate people.