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On May 31, 1983, Briar Heights Limited purchased the land that was to become Cobblestone Village Filings from the Pillar of Fire. (The original purchase deed is in the historical documents below.) It has an interesting provision: "If alcoholic beverages are ever manufactured or sold at retail or wholesale upon any portion of the property, then the property shall automatically revert to the Pillar of Fire."

In 1984, on the northeast of the corner of 81st and Federal, Pulte began the construction of Cobblestone Village. Initially, it was to be done in two sections. The first section of 209 townhomes was completed in 1985. This section became what has Cobblestone Village today. The construction started on the south side of the development, working around to the east and then north and finally finishing up with 2991. 2993 was built as model homes, but only after most of the rest of the complex was started if not completed. (Where 2991 is now was the parking for the models) If you look at the sidewalk in front as well as the back of 2993, you can see many of the options (walk out basement, for example) of the original construction.

The area of single family homes to the south of Cobblestone was to be Cobblestone filing 2 (the second section). Pulte built several homes and then stopped. The development was sold to another builder, more homes were built and then the development was sold again. This process was repeated until the last builder built a large building just across from the east entrance and built the last homes in it and moved them to their planned location. I no longer remember when this was done but in driving through the area, you can see the different styles the different builders used. This area is now known as Shadowridge at Briar Heights and is the Briar Heights Homeowners Association.

A copy of the original Pulte sales brochure for Cobblestone Village from 1983 is available. (It is 19 pages)

During the construction phases, the HOA was controlled entirely by Pulte, acting as the board of directors. When the the majority of the units were sold, a new board of directors was elected from the new homeowners and Pulte turned the HOA over to that board. The board continued to use the same property management that Pulte had been using.to assist the new board in the day to day property management. This turnover was complete in 1985 and the new board members started their initial terms on April 2, 1985. These events are refered to in an early newsletter, dated July 9, 1985. It also refers to the first Architectural Controls Committee. This newsletter is available at July 9, 1985 Newsletter

When the initial construction was complete, neither the pool or the current park were complete or open. The pool opened for the first time for the summer of 1986. While Cobblestone Park appears to be part of the original plans for Cobblestone Village development, it was not completed until later. The land was given to the City of Westminster during the final construction phases of Cobblestone Village. The park was started in 1997 and was completed by the city in 1998.

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