Maintenance Request Page

Last updated 12-26-2017

If this is an urgent situation, please call LCM at 303-221-1117 and let them know. If it is after hours, please leave them a message.

Please use the the form below to report a problem or request a some maintenance action - like repairing a streetlamp. Please enter your name, address and the other requested information. The city-state-zip has already been filled in. By entering your email address, you will receive a copy of the request that was sent. When completed, click on the "Submit" Button to send the request or click on Cancel Button to clear the form. Clicking on "Submit" will send the request to our management company as well as the board.

If there was not enough room for the problem or if you need to send additional information, you can fill out an additional form or just sent an email to the management company and the board by using the link on the right.

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If you have not heard back from our management company in a couple of days, please send a follow up email to the board and our manager using the email link on the right.

Note: If you are unable to send an email using the links on the right, you can use the following email addresses:
Cobblestone Village Board only:
Cobblestone Village Board and Property Manager:
Web Site issues, comments, suggestions or problems:
Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate people.