Cobblestone Village Sign

Last updated 10/01/2016

The original sign at the entrance of Cobblestone Village was installed around the time that the original construction was completed, sometime in 1985. It was a wooden sign representing a home with a white fence and trees. It was held up by a stone frame with a pillar on either side. This is the sign that is in the upper left corner of our web pages.
Over the years, it had been re-painted a couple of times, usually after vandalism and/or tagging. It was badly tagged late in 2012. As a result of this tagging, the sign was taken down.
Since then, the board looked into several options including reconstruction and repainting or replacing it completely. After much discussion, it was decided to just replace the sign. Then came finding someone to build a new sign. A board member suggested that we approach the local schools about doing it as a class project but ultimately that option fell through. The board looked into several other options. In July 2016, working with Chuck Bowers, (who does our maintenance) the board decided to have Steel Images in Centennial make a new sign and have Chuck install it. This new sign was installed on Friday, September 23, 2016.
10-01-2016 - An additional sign was installed this week and bricks were added to make the posts look similar to the original ones. See the pictures below.

Original sign:.

Original Cobblestone Village Sign, Westminster, Colorado

New signs:.

Cobblestone Park, Westminster, Colorado
The sign above is where our original sign was located at 81st and Federal. The sign below is at 81st and Elliott.
Cobblestone Park, Westminster, Colorado

(See the Cobblestone Village Sign article on the News page for more information.